Non-Profit Vendors

The 2020 Warwick Applefest has been cancelled. Please check back for more information regarding the 2021 festival.

After April 1, mail a request for a Food or Non-Profit Vendor application form. Describe your organization and/or enclose a brochure, enclose proof of Non-Profit status, and you MUST include a self-addressed, stamped long envelope (SASE) and send to:

P.O. Box 22
Warwick, NY 10990

How can I get a Non-Profit Vendor application form?
The Non-Profit organization/exhibitor application form is available in two different categories, Non-Profit Food and Non-Profit/Non-Food, and must be requested by MAIL. To receive an application, send the following:

  1. Request for a Non-Profit Food OR Non-Profit/Non-Food application form
  2. Description of what you plan to do/sell at your booth if accepted
  3. Information/brochure about your organization — you must include legal proof of non-profit (501(c)3) certification/status
  4. A self-addressed, stamped long envelope (SASE) – MUST be included

Send to: Applefest Non-Profit Vendor, P.O. Box 22, Warwick, NY 10990 You will be sent the appropriate application form, with booth fee information, in the SASE you include.

Can I apply as a Non-Profit organization/exhibitor and pledge to donate the proceeds to a non-profit organization?
While we applaud individuals’ desire to support a non-profit organization, we accept official representatives from non-profit organizations rather than individuals who pledge to donate their proceeds.