General Vendor Info

Applefest 2020 – Sunday October 4, 2020

Craft Vendor Applications are now available for the

2020 Warwick Applefest!

If you are interested in being a vendor at Applefest, please read the Vendor Information below and follow ALL directions carefully!

The earlier you get your application in, the better!  We look forward to receiving your application.

For all vendor questions, please go to the contact page.  BEFORE contacting us, please check our comprehensive lists of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below and on the specific vendor-type pages. Your question may be answered there!

What kind of vendors are accepted?
Applefest has very specific categories for vendors. Applefest vendor spaces are available ONLY to:

  • Food Vendors who make their own food
  • Craft Vendors who make their own crafts
  • Pre-packaged Food Vendors for locally produced spices, sauces, dressings, mixes, etc.
  • Certified Non-profit Organizations
  • Owners of stores located in the festival area

Applefest does NOT accept craft or food vendor applications from representatives/associates associated with any franchise companies.

Can I submit a vendor application as a business?
Applefest does not accept vendor applications from businesses (see above categories). As a business, however, you may be interested in becoming a sponsor. Please check our website or contact Michael Johndrow at the Warwick Chamber of Commerce (845-986-2720) for more detailed information about the sponsor levels and associated benefits. Being an Applefest sponsor provides great exposure for your business — approximately 30,000 visitors attend this annual event!
Are out-of-state vendors accepted?
Out-of-state vendors are accepted.
How do musicians/entertainers apply to perform at Applefest?
There is no formal application form. An email with links to your band’s website may be sent to Many groups are interested in performing at the festival, and you will be contacted if there are any openings. Those who perform at Applefest do so on a volunteer basis, and as such are not paid. All groups are, however, given a space and table to sell their own CDs, t-shirts, etc. during their performance.
Do you accept applications from photographers?
Applications from photographers are accepted, and the Craft Vendor application form & guidelines should be used. Please note that all photographs must be taken by the applicant, and you MUST have your photographs for sale. Photography vendors must sell prints of their own photographs as craft items for purchase. You may NOT promote your custom photography business by simply displaying photography that your studio has produced for others.
Do you accept applications from authors and/or illustrators?
Because of the number of requests and space limitations, we are only able to accept applications from authors/illustrators who are Warwick residents. If you wish to share a booth space, BOTH participants must be Warwick residents. If you are a Warwick resident, submit the Craft Vendor application with all required information PLUS the following: – Printed information about you/your book(s) – Copy of a utility bill showing your Warwick address.
Do you accept applications from antique dealers?
Applications from antiques dealers are accepted, and the Craft Vendor application form & guidelines should be used.
Where are the vendor areas located?
For a map of the festival area, take a look at the Applefest Visitors’ Guide.
Does each festival area include a specific type of vendor?
In each area, many types of crafters are mixed together — there are no “theme” areas. The craft vendor coordinator tries to locate vendors selling similar types of items so they are not too close.
Since there are several choices for vendor areas, are some “better” than others?
ALL the Applefest vendor areas are good, and ALL receive heavy visitor traffic! Depending on what type of craft or food you wish to sell, these are some considerations: In Stanley-Deming Park, vendors are on grass and close to the Carnival area, so many families pass through. The Chase Bank lot, South St. lot, and Railroad Ave., and the Fairway are all on pavement. There are many food vendors on Railroad Ave. You may write on your application, “First time applicant — if accepted, place me where you think I’d do best!”
What is the booth size and what must vendors supply?
Each space is 10 x 10 feet. All vendors must supply their own tent, table(s) and chair(s). Detailed vendor information is on the Rules & Guidelines sheet to be downloaded with the Craft Vendor application form.
Does Applefest provide insurance for vendors?
Applefest does not have group insurance, so each vendor is responsible for his/her own insurance coverage. Please contact a local insurance agent to assist you with this required paperwork.
How do I get a New York State tax ID number?
You should consult an accountant about the proper procedure for obtaining a NYS tax ID number. The following websites may also be helpful: NYS Dept. of Taxation and Finance Start or Buy a Business – NYS Dept. of Taxation and Finance
Where can I park my vehicle after setup?
Vendors are permitted to park a vehicle near their booth space during the early morning set-up period, and are provided with a permit for a nearby vendor parking area.
Are vendors required to accept credit cards?
Vendors are not required to accept credit cards. Besides cash, some also take checks and/or credit cards. Most visitors are used to this at craft festivals. There are several ATMs close to the festival area, so visitors can easily get more cash. You may wish to check on the ATM locations, so you can direct interested customers to the nearest ones. A list is included in the Applefest Visitors’ Guide. Printed copies are also available for FREE at the festival.
How can I get a list of Applefest vendors?
Each year, the Applefest Visitors’ Guide booklet includes a list of vendors. The Visitors’ Guide will also be available for FREE at the festival and includes a festival site map, list of vendors, musical entertainment schedule, lodging ads, wineries, apple orchards, and much more.
How can I get my vendor application form notarized?
You may have your application notarized by an employee who is a “notary public” at your local city hall, town hall or village hall, or you can do a website search using notary public and the name of your town.