Applefest seeks old ‘missing’ festival T-shirts for website photo gallery


In celebration of the upcoming 30th anniversary of Applefest on Sunday, Oct. 14, festival organizers have been working on a special project.

They’re planning to create a photo gallery on the Applefest website showing the festival T-shirt designs over the years.

Once this aspect of the festival’s history has been archived, each year the new shirt design and designer’s name will be added.

Applefest planning committee members have been gathering and photographing old Applefest T-shirts (and a few caps from the early days), but there are still T-shirts from several years they don’t have.

If community members have shirts from any of the “missing” years that can be borrowed for a photo, please bring the shirt(s) to the Chamber of Commerce Caboose on South Street with your name and phone number attached, or mail it to the Chamber at P.O. Box 202, Warwick. Questions? Call the Chamber at 845-986-2720. 

The first person to bring in a T-shirt in good condition for each missing year will receive a voucher for one free 2018 Applefest T-shirt, to be picked up during or after the festival.

Applefest T-shirts are needed from the years below and will be returned after a photo has been taken.

Missing! Do you have an Applefest T-shirt from one or more of these years the Applefest Committee can borrow for a photo?








Applefest 2018 T-shirts will feature a special 30th anniversary commemorative design created by local designer/communications specialist, Louise LoPinto Hutchison. The annual Applefest-shirt design competition will return next year, in 2019.

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